Locate and compare Pizza & Pizzerias in Guelph ON but none will compare to Pizza Trokadero in Guelph Ontario.

Extra pepperoni, anchovies, lots of cheese, Hawaiian style, so many toppings to consider when looking for the best pizzeria in town.  Before you base your choice solely on the pizza menu plastered outside of a restaurant window or from someone you just met off the street, here are some ideas for gourmet pizza’s when in Guelph Ontario.

We Do Parties and Catering
If you have a big party or gathering, call us in advance to place your large order. Don’t just order pizza order gourmet pizza in Guelph. Your guests deserve the best. Call Pizza Trokadero for any catering needs you may need. From birthday parties to corporate meetings we can cover it.  Recieve HOT Fresh pizza, Hot wings, Calzones and panzorottis. ask about our catering discounts. 519-829-2444 or visit http://www.trokaderoguelph.ca/

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