Christmas Pizza in Guelph Ontario

Well it’s that time of the year again. It’s cold outside, I mean really cold. What I mean to say is, it is Christmas time in Guelph Ontario. We wanted to wish everyone a seasons greeting. No, we won’t be knocking door to door singing songs to you while the cold air rushes into the house that you just spent the last two hours warming up. But, we will be putting together some of the freshest ingredients possible by our mad pizza scientist cooks for a delicious gourmet pizza in Guelph. That’s right, pizza in Guelph available for delivery.  So after your done walking, correction, scanning the pages of Amazon Prime for your Christmas shopping and your eyes are strained fingers tired. Just know that there is no need to cook or clean a pot, warm this up, prepare that. In fact, pull out some paper plates, plastic cups and order some Pizza Trokadero. You’ve been meaning to catch up on some of those recorded shows. We’ve got you covered. 519-829-2444 go ahead, call it. We’ll answer.


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